Sandicliffe (G-BJSW)

G-BJSW was the first hot air balloon ever owned by Jamie and the balloon he used for the initial part of his training to become a balloon pilot. G-BJSW is a Thunder 65-Z and made of crispy fabric not the standard nylon used today. It was manufactured in the eighties for the motor company Ford there was a second balloon made with the reg G-JONO which also has Sandicliffe Logos but in a different design. Sadly in 2008 the balloon failed its grab test having 311 hours in the logbook. We have since had the parachute replaced and Sandicliffe can fly with a down rated COA which means flying with a reduced weight load. However the team uses the balloon now solely for inflation’s and night glows.


Where to see the balloon in 2013:
- Tiverton Balloon Festival (12th-14th July)