Molly Mae (G-BVZT)

G-BVZT is Jamie’s favourite balloon for a special reason, it is named after his late daughter Molly Mae Edwards who sadly passed away in 2008 after being born very premature. He decided to have her name on a balloon so he could remember her in a positive way. He uses this balloon only in good weather conditions as he wants to preserve it for as long as possible and until he can afford to have a brand new balloon made. He also uses this balloon as much as he can to help charities and has offered many flights as raffle prizes to raise money for various causes including – The Northamptonshire Air Ambulance, Talking with Hands, Sunnyside School in Northampton, The baby unit in Northampton General and several others.

G-BVZT is a Lindstrand 90a and we fly with two passengers at a time. We will be attending several events around the UK with this balloon so look out for us and if you manage to take any photos please send them in as we would love to see them.

Where you can see this balloon in 2013:
- Northampton Balloon Festival (16th-18th August)