Trim Balloon Fiesta

The Trim Balloon Fiesta takes place in Ireland over the Easter weekend.  It is organised by Malcolm White and Pauline Baker of Irish Balloon Flights, who puts a lot of effort in to make sure the event runs smoothly and everyone has a great time.  The fiesta is mainly about the special shapes, around 15 attend each year, but there are also the round balloons to create a spectacle over the castle.

The event has many other things to do besides balloons, just in case the weather is not good enough for flying.  There is tethering in the main arena, but there is also a special shape chicken which is inflated and people are then allowed to walk inside to see the structure of a special shape.  This is a very rare, but interesting experience.  Besides the tethering of the balloons there is also kite flying of some unusal shapes as well, such as a vampire and pumpkin.  Finally there is always a funfair there for the kids to enjoy.

In the evening there is a night glow of some of the special shapes which is choreographed to music, but at trim they go the extra step and incorporate lasers to make it a great show for the public.

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