Hot Air Races

June 7th to the 9th see’s Jamie’s balloons head West to take part in a new format ballooning contest being tried out for the first time. HotAirRaces takes place in the rural setting of Welshpool on the English welsh boarders. The balloon contest is set against the backdrop of a small Air show which includes displays by the RAF Typhoon and the Avro Vulcan as well as aerobatics displays and parachutists dropping in.

The race is uniquely based on 2 or 3 pilots operating in a team to accumulate scores based on simple flying challenges. These include accumulated altitude, distance and duration as well as teams flying to create the largest area between the three balloons, but with other teams playing their own strategies and the British weather adding to the randomness of balloon flying its anyone’s guess which team will win.

This has not prevented the event drawing the attention of both experienced competitors as well as pilots who are looking for something new. “One of the pilots (Lindsay Muir) holds several world record while other pilots who are more accustomed to flying for pleasure. This mix of abilities and flying styles has also allowed for a variety of balloon, from specially designed aerodynamic `racers’ to traditional teardrop shapes, to attend. To add into all this Jamie plans to fly his own special shape Panasonic battery balloon in the event. Will this be to his teams advantage? Or disadvantage, only time will tell” says meet director Andy Marshall.

You can keep tracks on Jamie and his support team as they fly at the event, as well as all the other teams via the following online sites.

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