Grass Roots Balloon Meet

The Grass Roots Meet takes place in early September.  The aim of the meet is for as many balloonists as possible to gather on a social basis and fly for fun without the pressure of entertaining crowds.

Tim Wilkinson owns the airfield where the meet takes place.  They kindly provide camping and catering facilities for all balloonists and they even help upcoming balloonists with their training. 

This meet also invites local landowners to fly from the event as a gesture of good will for landing in their fields all year. As the meet is held at the airfield there are fixed wing aircraft as well.  There is an opportunity for balloonists to swap a balloon flight for a plane flight, which makes this meet unique to any other that there are many other things to do. Also during the day when no balloons normally fly, the meet encourages owners of old or unusual balloons to tether or hop across the air field. 

 To find out more about the Grass Roots meet take a look at their website -