Evesham Balloon Festival

The Evesham Hot Air Balloon Festival is held near the beginning of June.  Over 20 balloons take to the skies on the two days from Crown Meadow adjacent to Evesham’s riverside.  The event is free to attend and is supported by Wychavon County Council and the Asparagus Festival.

The festival also holds many competitions for balloonists such as hare and hounds, shortest flight and return to the Crown Meadow.  They also concentrate on land owner relations by entering the land owners into a draw to win certain items.  This is to thank them for their continued support for the fiesta, by allowing the balloons to land in their fields. The fiesta provides other thing besides balloons including music, a classic car display and a hovercraft amongst other things.

For more info on the Evesham fiesta check out their website -